What is an umbrella policy?
A Personal Umbrella Policy is an excess liability policy that provides excess liability coverage over your Homeowners and Automobile Policies in the event you are found legally liable for property damage or bodily injury to another party.

Who needs an umbrella policy?
You should consider a Personal Umbrella Policy if your assests exceed your current liability coverages under your Homeowners and Automobile Policies OR if you own a swimming pool, ATV, power boat, trampoline or participate in activites that make you more vulnerable to liability suits.

What does an umbrella policy cover?
The Personal Umbrella Policy covers bodily injury or property damage covered by the policy for which you are found to be legally liable. In addition it can provide coverage for the cost of investigating and defending you against these claims.

Who is covered by an umbrella policy?
You, your spouse and residents of your household who are related to you are covered by the umbrella policy.

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